Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tyler Pipe Company Commissions new COE Tension Stand and Rewind Reel

Tyler Pipe, part of the McWane family of companies dedicated to engineering and manufacturing of quality pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, couplings and steel fabricating products, has recently put into action a new special tension stand and rewind reel for oscillate wound coils.

Operating at speeds of up to 300-fpm, the oscillating rewind reel handles coils up to 4,000 lb. capacity and 12" overall width. The narrow coil stock is wound around a cardboard core that can go as large as 36” O.D. True radius mandrel pads on the rewind reel help to maintain consistent pressure and shape of the coil I.D. The coil width and diameter are determined by the job recipe parameters stored within the PLC.

The rewind wheel is mounted on precision linear bearings with 12" of travel for building the oscillate wound coils. Additionally, the reel has servo-driven rotation and side-to-side controls for precise monitoring of the process. The tension stand features a variable air pressure setting to enable proper tension maintenance on the coil strip.

Get Hands-free Threading with Mid-Size "Alligator-Style" Peeler Dekinker Station

 new mid-size "Alligator-Style" peeler dekinker station offers a hands-free, modular approach for threading to accompany the company’s 250 and 350 series power straighteners aimed at general contract stampers of small to mid-sized parts. This new peeler is designed to offer both top and bottom threading operations and provide a safer, more effective process.

All functions in the station are actuated by hydraulic cylinders capable of providing the force and speed required across a broad range of materials (.020" - .250" thickness). The two-axis peeler table features a telescoping peeler blade to reach the leading edge of the coil, and is designed with tapered ends to facilitate threading of wide coils. The upper dekinker table is mounted for independent operation and comes with a motorized threading roll, which is driven by a hydraulic motor. 

The system operates by pinching the leading edge of the coil between the threading roll and peeler table. The peeler table is then lowered or raised to achieve effective dekinking. The threading mechanism operates in tandem with a reel-mounted hold-down and motorized end-wheel.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Welcome to the new COE Blog

Starting in 2011 you can visit our blog to look for special news items, industry information and tips for keeping your COE and SESCO machines running at their best. If you have topics that you'd like covered, then please write us at

Monday, October 25, 2010

Ready for FABTECH 2010

We're making the last few 'ticks' on our open items list as we get ready for FABTECH in Atlanta. Come join us!

We have shipped in a number of machines for 'live' demonstrations of our coil handling and feeding solutions in three booths. First, see our space-saving SpaceMaster Compact Coil Lines in action, running in both the SEYI Press booth #1604 and the Aida Press booth #1509. Smartly designed, SpaceMaster lines combine the three processes of unwinding, straightening and feeding. The action continues in our booth #1620 with the unveiling of the ServoMaster Plus Controller featuring a touchscreen interface and new automation and storage functions.

Stop by and pickup a Triple Play score card below then have it punched at all three booths. Fill in your contact information and drop it off at our COE booth #1620 and enter a daily drawing for an iPod Nano at 3:00pm each day of the show. Hope to see you there!